HARMONY { & New Start to Finish Video }

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ok, first off, I want to say that I decided to wait on my little giveaway that
I had originally planned for today.  Partly because I think people would be 
so involved in NSD activities that my giveaway might get lost in the crowd...
I will do it next week or weekend instead!  Check back for that!

One of the projects I did on National Scrapbooking Day for a 2P's Challenge.
I used a PageMaps May 2013 Sketch found HERE.
Also, one of the little challenges I made for myself to scrap & film
myself doing a page/project timed...on the clock.

Well, I am pretty bad about trying to multitask so much that I ended up getting myself all 
scatter brained!  I had to pause the video to help get kids ready for dinner,
bath, and bed and thought I paused the clock on my phone too. Nope.  
And then I just decided to relax a bit and enjoy it, so it ended up not being a very timely project at all!  
Oh well... You can see the video on my YouTube channel HERE or click the link below.

HARMONY Start to Finish Process Video 
{ May-on the clock...NOT! }

The photos were from Easter last year and unlike the Easter this year, it was a gorgeous day.
We sat outside while all the cousins hunted for eggs!  We seem to so rarely have photos
of us together that I find myself needing to scrap them when they are decent pics!

 I have been playing around with some fun filters and actions on Photoshop and the one
I used for this photo made the background very soft and "misty"...so I tried to keep this light.
Still on the gold kick!  And I love everything about the 5th and Frolic collection, 
well all the Dear Lizzy collections really.  They make it easy to scrapbook "girly" stuff.

 Thanks for stopping by & Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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  1. I commented on the video too (maire17) and wanted to tell you how much I loved your page!


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