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Monday, August 26, 2013

I have been complaining about the fact that we have no LSS within a 20 mile radius of the
 booming metropolis that is Birmingham, Alabama!  And am therefore at the mercy of my mail carrier,
UPS guy and every once in a while the FedEx dude...if I want anything besides the basics.

However, I have been seriously impressed with the improvement that the major craft stores, HL, JoAnn's and Michael's have shown.  Which honestly, may be why a local scrap store can't compete but still...??

Anyway, I went to Hobby Lobby and they had all the paper pads 50% off...I swear a glowing light
appeared from above and a small chorus of angels!! (or the kid screaming next isle over)
Well, in my mind anyway, and there on the shelves was the new Pink Paislee Color Wash,
new Glitz Wild & Free/Finley & the new Heidi Swapp Mixed Company.
Excuse my enthusiasm, but WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??

I immediately snatched everyone up (sorry, Shawn) and looked around for anyone who might try to
 take them from me...heh heh.  No one dared!  That or no one was there on Tuesday morning.

Anyway, longer story short-ish, hands down Pink Paislee is my favorite release from CHA thus far!
I guess I love it because I love watercolors and they have taken it to the masses!
I love adding it to my projects, but would hate the thought of someone not doing that
out of fear of messing up a favorite piece of patterned paper...and now, here it all is, in one!!

Ok, ranting aside. whew.
I wanted this simple, plain and wrote very personal journaling to my children behind each of their photos,
tucked into a little envelope about my 'wishes' for them right now.  { I hope one day they find it! }

It is all Pink Paislee paper, the Luxe with silver stars and the Color Wash yellow and pink.
I fussy cut out parts of the brush strokes and then tried to match the paint it watercolors to pull the colors
up into the stars...The wooden 'wish' tag is from Two Peas exclusive collection and I colored it with several
different colors of gelatos, then backed it with glitter tape and patterned paper.  

The die cut title I misted with Color Shine and used another piece of the PP Color Wash paper as the
mat for the entire page.  I REALLY love it...I cannot see me not using each and every page!

So, there you have it, I think I can safely say that I love Pink Paislee and I have so TOTALLY
blown my budget out of the water...:(    Oh well!  Happy Monday anyway!

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