LOLA - Scrapfriends GDT ( & NEW Video!)

Friday, November 15, 2013

A little Friday night puppy love for you all!

This is my LO for the new Scrapfriends Yummy Palette Challenge #19
I was part of the top 5 last month and those lucky peeps get to come back and be GD!

I adore the Scrapfriends Blog, they have AMAZING sketches and the talent is truly off the chart!
I am honored to have been in that group and really enjoyed this page!

I also made a process video for my YouTube channel you can click on below:

One of the things I liked the best about this page was that the colors were cool neutrals
except for that pop of ochre.  I usually can't limit myself to using that few colors, or from that
same range, and I think that made for a bigger impact!  Also, Lola was being a great model...
something not found too often from her! :)

This accidental circle that showed up really freaked me out!  The twine I literally threw into
a pile of hot glue ended up making a weird combination with Lola's back, cheek and rings on her collar.

Since I didn't really have a pre-conceived notion of what I wanted to do with this page,
I just played!  With lots of stamps, stencils and lots of fun.  The more I do that,
the more I think those pages are more successful.  I think as scrapbookers we
sometimes get WAY to bogged down with product and perfection and trends!
It make me want to use tape (ok, washi) to stick a picture on a piece of paper,
write some journaling and call it a day!  Not that I would do that :)
Not today anyway...

Happy weekend and thanks for stopping by!
I love comments and feedback and go check out the awesome challenges and inspiration at Scrapfriends.
...It will make you want to break out some paint and stamps!


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