Friday, March 21, 2014

I am posting a special layout I did about our favorite restaurant...

I was inspired by a company called DogVacay.com that is a great service for pet owners
who can locate and find reviews for local people who 'host' your pet in their home!
They have a huge following and network of avid dog lovers and their challenge is to provide
your dog with a Home Away From Home!  Check our their FB page too,
if for nothing else than the awesome pics of puppies and cute dogs!

Although I consider myself and my husband somewhat adventurous, kids have changed that a bit...
especially concerning cuisine!  In fact, we went through a "phase," that lasted several years where 
we avoided a sit down dinner, if possible, since it wasn't very enjoyable trying to appease toddlers.

Now, those days are behind us!  Well, at least the avoiding going out to dinner part.  We still have one picky eater.
When my husband and I started dating, over 17 years ago, we began frequenting this Italian restaurant.
Owned & operated by a family, that it turned out was not only Sicilian, like my husband's grandparents,
but also knew my husbands family from their previous restaurant...

We ended up having out wedding rehearsal dinner there almost 13 years ago.
It was also the first place we took my daughter when she was a couple weeks old.

The Owner's family has been witness to our marriage, celebrating pregnancies and children,
anniversaries, Valentine's, birthdays and even a few post funeral dinners...happy times & some somber.
In other words, our real life.

Our children love it, we love it and it feels like coming home!
Hugs and kisses on arriving & leaving, consistently good food and lots of wine;
which pretty much describes a typical Sunday lunch with my husband's family...


I chose lots of embellishments, tags and stickers with lots of phrases and text.
One of the papers that looked like stacked receipts.  I wanted the layers to remind me of 
photos that were taped down, pieced together and lots of hand journaling.

I haven't decided which scrapbook this layout will be a part of, but one of the best things
about being at home in someone else's dining room, there are no dishes to wash!

Thanks so much for letting me share this page and a piece of our journey through the everyday...
Have a great weekend wherever your home is!


  1. Awww...this made get all sorta teary eyes...you know, in a sentimental kinda way...it's sooo nice to have a touch continuity in a life that is constantly in a state of flux & change....LOOOVED your LO, & the colours that all made the Food the important element, too:):)

  2. Love all the layering you have goin on...nice!


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