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Thursday, March 20, 2014

I wanted to share a LO I did for a special scrapbook of mine that I call "You Should Know."
I like to think of my scrapbooking obsession as an extension of my father's obsession of photography,
that he applied to memory keeping, his version of scrapbooking.
This book is for my children mostly, so they can look at not only photographs of their ancestors,
but maybe read a bit about their heritage, personal stories, etc.

I made a start to finish video you can see on my YouTube channel HERE or by clicking
the link below, but as a little warning, it turned out to be more like family than I planned...
beautiful in the end, but a difficult process!

Some of the family included are people my children met, but don't remember, and
then there are some that they never got to meet.  I can't think of a better way for my love
of photographs and paper to be used for a future generation!

So...with that in mind, I wanted to create a page for this book of one of the photographs I have that
are from some of my mother's books of her parents. My grandmother, who would have turned 100 years
old this past September is already the subject of other pages in this scrapbook and will continue to be.

She was one of the most amazing people I knew, and more so the older I become and
more I know about her.  She embodied the selfless and loving soul that I aspire to become.

In my thinking of this page, I was inspired by some pattern paper and began to think about
family and the symbolism between family and a quilt, sewing pieces together to make
a bigger pattern.  A family quilt that is made by hand, not mechanically perfect, but lovingly
made and stands the test of time...ok, that may be a little sappy, but that was my thinking.

I used lots of subtle floral patterns and a few of my favorite patterns that I had been saving.
I also did LOTS of sewing and lots of fiddling to get things the way I wanted...

Thanks for stopping by and seeing my LO!
It was a labor of love, but like family, worth it in the end...

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  1. Jenni ~ What a meaningful and beautiful layout! It is gorgeous!! I really love your idea of a separate album which shares stories and photos of your family for your children. I usually like a layout that is about 30 minutes. I love the talking, because you get the thought processes that happen along the way. Love your style!!


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