Monday, September 3, 2012

I will admit that I loved my Blackberry...had no reason to think
that the iPhone was any different except that my husband wouldn't
let his out of his sight for more than a minute without going into
withdrawals.  After getting an iPad, I started to admit to myself that
Apple products are pretty amazing.  Then I finally broke down and
joined the iPhone club when my contract was up and more importantly,
I had to disassemble my Blackberry every other day to get it to work.

So, I still need lessons and about 36 hours of free time to play with and
learn about apps and everything else I haven't begun to appreciate about it.
However, I will admit that the camera, to me, is the best part of the phone.
I LOVE Instagram!  I love the Hipstamatic app and all the other toys
and filters...I have had several photography classes and grew up
with a father who collected, obsessed and knew everything, yes everything,
about cameras...I wonder what he would think about how many
photos I take with my phone.  More than anything else, since it is always
with me and usually readily accessible, ( yes, I am now like my husband who I
made fun of for his love affair with the iPhone ) I am more likely to
take a photo  of something that I wouldn't have been able to before.

That being said it makes me look at things in a different way since I
know I could take an immediate photo, or wonder what it would look
like in a square format, or all yellowed out like it was taken in 1972
with a Polaroid!  So, taking a little break from the constant scrapping
of my children, I decided to use a couple of those Instagram photos
with the Studio Calico Sunday Sketch and did this LO.
Here is the link the the sketch and post on their blog:

I love this Studio Calico paper, but honestly cannot get into the starburst trend.
I think it is great, but I am not patient enough, or possibly to anal retentive to
actually make myself cut all those pieces so carefully...I quite like a partial starburst,
just not an entire page of it.  So, this paper made me think of looking down and
seeing things from I bird's eye view perspective.

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