heartwood...Little Black Dress Kit - December

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I had seen some journaling styles similar to this,
mostly on mixed media works and really wanted to try it...
not sure if it was too successful as far as journaling.
It isn't very easy to read, but that really wasn't my point.

There were so many trees that had been planted when our house was built,
 that were now upwards of 50 years...when we moved in almost 6 years ago.
Beautiful, large oaks and hickory trees....
one enormous red oak in the back that was unfortunately about 2/3 dead,
dropping limbs on the roof and in the yard,
to the point where someone suggested it was actually dangerous to let
the kids play out back knowing it was feasible that is could fall and hurt someone...

We had to dip into our savings to cut a tree down that large,
and that dead was dangerous and ridiculously expensive!!
I must be getting old because I keep referring to the fact (mostly to my kids)
that some things cost more than my first car these days!

We kept all the wood, even though at the time we didn't have a fireplace...
This is our first fall/winter with a fireplace and it is very exciting!
We love a wood burning fire and the kids are excited that Santa
can finally come down the chimney, not sneak in the back door to
our stockings appropriately hung on the bar!!

So....Shawn has been cutting into the enormous
wood pile that was this majestic tree and the other day showed me
this piece that was part of the heart...
it is unusual too because there must have been a branch
off the side and you can see where it tied into the trunk.
It was such a gorgeous color and so fascinating for the children
to count the rings that I thought it was definitely worthy of recording.

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