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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ok, I am trying to learn...after watching a million videos with my 8 yr. old,
who thinks they are a "treat" to watch on You Tube,
my sweet husband bought me a bunch of Copic markers
for Christmas and so I am trying to learn how to blend...properly.

Kinda like in My Cousin Vinny...
"Oh, yeah...you blend..."
That's me...not so much, but the brown started bleeding out on me, 
and I don't have a colorless blender or anything to correct my mistakes...yet.  
I spent too long coloring this for my daughter's friend!
And, I learned a very valuable lesson, Copic coloring is NOT
something to be done while multi-tasking...i.e. watching a movie.

Anyway, I started and am determined to do something with them!
And I just got a serious deja vu' ...so either it is time to go to bed, 
or I am meant to color more, tomorrow....

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