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Thursday, January 24, 2013

This was my 4th LO for the January projects that Color-Me-Scrappy asked
me to do along with a couple other talented ladies...These have been in my to
be scrapped (i.e. do SOMETHING with me pile) for almost FOUR years now...
Whoa...Time is flying past me!

Anyway, I loved the color scheme, based on some growing lavender,
which just happens to be very popular in our house, especially right now...
I got a lavender sleep mask and it is heavenly...
wonderful for helping evade these pesky migraines which are threatening
to hinder my daily progress!!  Anyway...back to the project, this is the link to their
post and a lovely photo of the color palette:

Some of my favorites, although I honestly don't have a lot of purple, and it really
is and has been a favorite color of mine for years and years...

I have never watched an episode of Star Trek, but I thought these wood veneers
reminded me a bit of it and Star Wars...I would say Buck Rogers, but I would be really
showing my age...I did have a huge crush on him at about 8 years old though...

These were photos from our godson's 7th birthday party, I think,
and it was Star Wards themed obviously...and even though it was in February
it was one of those rare days that feels very warm and Spring like and was beautiful....
Sofia's Leia outfit consisted of one of my husband's white undershirts,
a lovely pleather silver belt from Walmart and boots that she wore all winter...
And some half way pulled pigtails...Shawn called this Princes Ketchup Leia
because of the stain on her shirt, but that might have been from cake....!

Thanks for stopping by and may the Force be with you and your troopers!

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