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Monday, June 3, 2013

I mostly used the new Elle's Studio Saltwater collection for this layout, 
however it wasn't part of the Design Team Reveal...
I just love that collection and planned out lots of pages for it and the other new 
Cameron collection.  I also used lots of other bits and pieces, that I either 
came across clearing out some drawers or just can't get enough of, like sequins!

This photo was from a trip to the beach almost 4 years ago...hard to believe!
The friends we went with had no children and now their son is 3 years old!!
How time flies!  
Anyway, as usual, by the time we arrive it is late afternoon or early evening & 
our first walk on the beach is around sunset.  This one was pink and orange and gorgeous 
and cast the most lovely glow in all the photos.

We had taken my daughter right before she started Kindergarten, leaving our son at home,
with the grandparents, not alone!  We wanted to spend some time with just her, before
someone else would see more of her than we would. It was a nice little excursion and one
we all will definitely remember. 

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