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Thursday, June 27, 2013

I think I mentioned that I was starting to get a little weary of this color scheme...I lied.
I love it!  Can't get enough, especially combined with gold and baby girls.

I used the June Sketch from My Mind's Eye for this layout and the new collection 'Find Your Wings and Fly'...might be my all time favorite from MME, or at least a close second to 'Follow Your Heart!'
It is gorgeous and full of my favorite colors and patterns...lots of lovely B sides with polka dots and chevrons!  Yummy.  And I loved these phrase stickers, they actually made me reach for these
old photos...over 8 years old :( of my daughter learning to walk!  

I made a process video which you can find on My YouTube channel or by clicking the video below!

I mixed some acrylic paints with modeling paste and layered it over this awesome stencil from the Crafter's Workshop.  I held in place with washi and it worked beautifully...lots of structure and it dried a lot
faster than I would have thought.  I will be reaching for it a lot!!  

The title is sort of a play on that, and I am not making fun of her at all but she inherited her mother's grace, I mean lack of!  But, she never gave up and she fell a LOT.  But she always jumped right back up...
Still fits her personality today and it is one of the things I am most proud of.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this layout of the video inspired you 
to try something new on your backgrounds!  Happy crafting!

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  1. Super cute page! Love love love that aqua messiness in the background. :)


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