TIME CHANGES - The Crafter's Workshop Art Journal September 2016

Friday, October 21, 2016

Hello!  I have been so behind in posting my current projects to my Blog.  This time of year starts getting crazy busy and doesn't seem to stop until after the New Year...SO, trying to get better about that and I am sharing my latest art journal spread with you today using lots of new The Crafter’s Workshop Mediums that are divine…as well as several stencils!

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project.  The opinions I share are solely my own.
the-crafters-workshop-gesso-white-8-ounces-2 the-crafters-workshop-gesso-clear-8-ounces-2 the-crafters-workshop-modeling-paste-light-and-fluffy-8-ounces-2 the-crafters-workshop-gesso-gold-8-ounces-2 the-crafters-workshop-modeling-paste-8-ounces-2
 I started my spread by using the new Clear Gesso Medium as a base for my pages.  It is a lovely texture and was a nice change to the normal white gesso I use that can sometimes be splotchy.

After the gesso had dried, I used several colors of blues and rose gold acrylics to lay the foundation.

I continued to add layers with darker blues, allowing drying time in between.

I used the piece of this 12×12 stencil that had a grid/receipt and some dark dye ink.

I added several layers of tissue paper and random cards with text on them over the base.  Then I used the TCW White Gesso in a thin layer over most of the background.  Letting some of the text read through.

After letting the Gesso dry again, I used this new Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste and I cannot say enough good things about it!!

From the super cute graphics on the label to the texture and finally the way it feels in on a palette knife.  True to its’name, it is light and fluffy, and more than that, it holds it shape beautifully.

It is like a perfect meringue frosting holding its height and dimension on this stencil I thought of as a stem or vine for flowers.

I added some of the Gold Gesso to the thick Modeling Paste to use on a few of the flowers.  Unfortunately, the gold didn’t transfer as well with the paste, it was more of a pale peach.

I did use the Gold in adding color around the other stenciled designs.

I continued to add layers of mist and markers, defining edges and adding shadowed lines to make the modeling paste areas pronounced.

Using the 6×6 Corncob Etching stencil and black archival ink, I stenciled small areas to add more interest around the spread.

Finally, I finished up with some white marker and a quote from Thomas Hardy that is one of my favorites.  I love adding doodles around the stenciled areas, and continued to do so until I almost ran out of ink!

Here are a couple detail pictures:

Here is the final spread below.  I am pleased with how it evolved after so many layers.  The new TCW Mediums are amazing and all very good quality. 

Thanks so much for stopping by the Blog today!
TCW619s – 6×6 Mini Corncob Etching

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